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February 10-11, 2020

Region 20 ESC

1314 Hines

San Antonio, TX 78208

Monday, Feb. 10, 2020

8:00 am - 4:30 pm



  • Enjoy breakfast and fellowship with other educator preparation program leaders from across the State of Texas.  

Day I Opening: Welcome to the TACA Winter Retreat
Calvin J. Stocker - TACA President


  • Welcome to the TACA Winter Retreat

  • Board introductions

  • Vision for our time together

General Session I: Alternative High Impact Touchpoints 
Center for Transforming Alternative Preparation Pathways (CTAPP)


  • Traditional High-Impact-Touchpoints closely mirror the structure of Formal Observations—a classroom observation (either planned or unannounced) followed by a debrief with the novice teacher. Alternative High-Impact Touchpoints represent a plethora of different approaches to coaching a novice teacher.  This session will focus on presenting seven different types of Alternative High-Impact Touchpoints, with an opportunity to delve deeper into select touchpoints.  Teacher Educators will leave with a slew of strategies to incorporate into their toolkit for supporting novice teachers between Formal Observations, providing frequent, structured, touchpoints that cater to the developmental needs of the teacher that serve both to accelerate novice teacher effectiveness and to increase student achievement in the classroom. 

Breakout Session I: Defining the Problem of Practice
Small-Group Facilitators


TBD ISD Culinary Program


  • Enjoy lunch and fellowship with other educator preparation program leaders from across the State of Texas.  

General Session II: edTPA Best Practices from Across the Nation
Innovation Center 4 Educator Preparation  


  • This session will showcase how educator preparation programs from across the United States have successfully implemented supports and structures for submission of edTPA. The Innovation Center 4 Educator Preparation visited programs in California, Tennessee, and Washington to learn how others have successfully supported their teacher candidates along the path to certification through edTPA. We will share changes made to coursework and clinical experiences, timelines, and other helpful tips garnered from our learning tour. 

General Session III: The Science of Teaching Reading


  • This session will support teacher preparation programs in designing and implementing research best practices for supporting novice teacher candidates in the Science of Teaching Reading.  

Day I Closing: Planning and Committing to Action
Jonett Miniel - TACA Treasurer


  • Planning time

  • Commit to action

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020

8:00 am - 1:00 pm

TBD ISD Culinary Program 


  • Enjoy breakfast and fellowship with other educator preparation provider leaders from across the State of Texas.  

Day II Opening: Day II of the TACA Winter Retreat
Lidia Zatopek - TACA Advisor


  • Day I feedback review 

  • Vision for Day II

Breakout Session II: Overcoming the Problem of Practice 
Small-Group Facilitators


General Session IV: Membership Meeting
TACA Board


  • Approval of Minutes

  • Old Business

  • New Business

    • Election of TACA Vice President ​

    • Election of TACA Secretary

    • TBD Topics 

  • Closing​

Lunch: Texas Education Agency Address and Q&A
TBD ISD Culinary Program and the Texas Education Agency


  • Learnings from edTPA Pilots and Best Practices (and Requirements) in Educator Preparation 

  • Texas Administrative Code Update(s)

  • Question & Answer for the TACA General Body

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